Easy Commercial Installation and Repair

Easynet Services Ltd. offers a variety of electrical and communication servicesSwitcher

Quality Service When You Need It Most: 24/7

Whether you’re moving into a new office space, are a property manager with a wiring problem in your building or a commercial landowner investigating solar energy options at Easynet we offer fast, quality service whenever you need it.

If you’re dealing with an emergency situation and your condo building is out of power then you need a solution fast. If your internet is down at the office then you risk losing productivity and potentially clients too. You can’t afford to be offline due to wiring issues. Whatever the problem, with Easynet’s optional 24/7 emergency response contract we will quickly troubleshoot the problem and provide you with a reliable solution.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are critical for your commercial property or business. Problems of an electrical nature can actually pose a danger, not only causing serious damage but also liability and insurance issues.

With Easynet’s experienced technicians you can rest easy knowing that your electrical and communication systems are safe.  We are licensed by the Electrical Safety Authority. Easynet is an authorized electrical contractor which means we go through a rigorous annual qualification process which ensures our services meet all safety codes, regulations and standards.

We are confident in the quality of our work which is why we offer a 2 year labour warranty as well as a manufacturer’s warranty on parts which are used in your installation or repair. Contact Easynet Services Ltd. today for your complimentary consultation and see for yourself the difference that hiring an experienced electrical and communication contractor or technician can make.