Residential Solar Energy Installation

Easynet Services Ltd. is one of the few electrical contractors licensed to install and maintain solar energy systems. We design and install solar power systems for residential and commercial applications. We also help you maintain your solar energy to ensure it operates reliably, smoothly and provides maximum efficiency.

Solar InstallFrom design to installation to maintenance and everything in between, let Easynet’s experienced technicians take care of all the solar energy details so that you can start enjoying the benefits.

Commercial Solar Energy Installation

Solar energy provides many commercial benefits, including:

  • Saving money on power
  • Producing a regular source of income for your business
  • Making a positive environmental impact in your community

There are numerous benefits to solar energy installation for commercial properties and businesses. Although some people have the misconception that solar energy installation is too costly, when you look at the numbers you’ll quickly see that solar energy offers a great return on investment for your business:

  • Solar power is a long term, low risk, high return investment
  • Solar power installation is a great option for large commercial properties
  • As utility rates increase, the annual return increases the value of your commercial property
  • Going solar allows you to be the owner of your own green power plant, rather than renting power from the power company
  • Energy rates are volatile but are likely to go up in the future, making your investment more valuable
  • Whenever the sun is shining your solar power system will generate electricity and make money
  • Solar energy systems experience peak performance during hot summer days when electricity rates are highest
  • Solar cells will help you to increase energy during overcast winter days by providing a higher output at lower ambient temperatures

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Go Solar!

With the price of energy at the highest it’s even been and only rising higher, solar energy allows you to take advantage of a free source of unlimited energy – the sun. Whether you are a home own, commercial property owner or business owner, harnessing the sun’s energy is not only an environmentally responsible choice it’s also a smart financial investment.  Contact Easynet Services Ltd. today to book your complimentary solar energy consultation.